Looking back at my posts, I am realizing that my past comes up a little more than I thought. That is neither here nor there, I am just making an observation.  I do find it interesting though…I practice living in the present, but maybe my past will always be lingering in my life.  Since I believe that our cells hold memory, I guess it will…or can you totally shed and renew cell memory..??? Continue reading



worryWorry worry worry worry worry worry worry worry worry worry worry worry worry worry worry worry worry worry worry worry worry worry worry worry worry worry worry worry worry worry worry will anyone find out, worry worry worry worry worry worry worry worry worry will I flunk the test, worry worry worry worry worry Continue reading

a smile

smile smile smile

The other day I was at the grocery store and there was a gentleman there who caught my eye. He looked like a cross between a pirate and Robin Leach. Robust, hair pulled back into a ponytail, white suit and gold chains and rings shining on his tanned skin. I thought he looked fabulous! He looked interesting like he had a story to tell. In my opinion, he appeared as though he was living his truth and owning it! Continue reading

I am you

go in

I am the light in the sky,
And the twinkle in your eye.
I can cross the sea,
to places that are beyond me.
I travel near and far,
I do not need a car.
Meditation is the vehicle I choose
In this place, truth is my muse.
You too have the ability,
To have clear visibility.
To discover your truth
Just go inside and be a sleuth.
It takes sincerity and dedication
To listen to your hearts narration
For when you do, you will see
The connection to everything
including you to me.

It can be a hard concept to grasp, that we are all connected.  Connected, not only to one another but to everything on the planet.  I am finding the feelings of connectedness and a deeper felt sense of peace are happening more often in my life, though still not always. I am better able to open my heart in situations and with people like I never have before.  I notice this particularly in situations when anger or sadness arise in my body.  I am more easily able to feel acceptance without trying to change or “fix” anything.  I find that the more present I am, with a compassionate open heart, the more connected I feel, not only to myself but to others.  I make this connection by focusing on my heart center and taking deep breaths. I feel my feet on the ground to stay present and in my body.  I briefly scan my body, noticing any tension, and use my breath and awareness to relax my muscles.  I know that I hold tension behind my knees.  When I feel stressed or uncomfortable, I check in with my knees to relax them so energy can easily flow through me.  This helps me to see clearly that we are all part of something greater and I can recognize our similarities.  I have a heart, so does the other person. I have blood running through my veins, so does the other person.  We breathe the same air.  We have the same human needs: food, love, acceptance, choice, creativity and so many more.  My meditation practice helps me to feel calm and engage in life with an open heart.  As I open my heart in all situations, I find a greater peace within myself which is then creating peace in the world.

An invitation:  Take time daily to sit in silence and connect with your heart.  Begin to understand what your heart wants to share with you.
If you want to take it a step further and start a meditation practice, there are many different styles to choose from. Do some research and listen to your heart for guidance as to which one feels right for you.
Keep breathing and relaxing into each moment:)

♥Much love and light

riddle me a song

drum beatThis life,
it’s a riddle
and a song,
one I can’t put my finger on.
Sometimes life moves with ease,
like a bird in flight in the summer breeze.
Sometimes life is more like my dad used to say:
“Erin, no one hears the drum your beating to!”
Either way,
I choose to dance along.
It’s not always a happy dance
Sometimes it’s sad
Sometimes it’s mad
Sometimes I just need to feel bad
But those feelings, I know
Will come and go
For when I let them flow
I continue to grow. Continue reading