Ahhh, Pooh


Over the last couple of years, I’ve been focusing on writing, illustrating and publishing a children’s book. Just like all of life’s existence, it has been a journey!

While doing research, one of the questions it raised for me was, “What were some of my favorite books as a child?” I found it interesting to go back and take a look at a few of the books I remember from my childhood and reread them as an adult. I asked myself, “What lessons were taught? How has that lesson shaped my life? Is it still relevant today?” Continue reading

labels part 2


I don’t believe I was born onto this planet to walk around in hate and fear.
I don’t believe that is why any of us are here.
Whether you label yourself
straight, bi or gay.
Black, white, brown
or grey.
or fat
I believe you are here to be in love with all of that.
To share with the world your beautiful essence
and embrace all life’s magical presents.
We are much more than the labels we create,
so please stop living in fear and hate.
We are connected by more than you can imagine,
try living from your heart with some compassion.

peace and love



Spring has sprung
on my head!
A flower has bloomed.
A minute later,
and now there are two.
Along comes a butterfly
adding her color.
Landing right on top,
making me taller!
Flowers budding, at least a 1/2 dozen.
In comes a dragonfly,
who says she’s a cousin.
An ant crawls up to join in the fun,
happening on my head,
under the sun.

spread love


Love yourself and share that love with everyone you come in contact with throughout the day.

Loving and accepting yourself will open your heart to loving and accepting all.

♥much love and light



Sometimes I feel guilty saying “No”
Sometimes saying “No” is empowering
Saying “No” with an open heart for myself and others takes practice
Sometimes saying “No” in anger feels freeing
Sometimes saying “No” silently, is honoring myself
I remind myself that saying “No” is saying “Yes” to something else
Continue reading

peaceful holiday

holiday-messageI know that this time of year can bring up emotions that can feel uncomfortable. Here is a quick guide to help you:

  1. Remember to breathe, deep inhalations and long exhalations.
  2. Wiggle your toes and feel your feet on the ground (stay in your body.)
  3. Take space for yourself (sometimes that may mean going to the bathroom for alone time!)
  4. Remember that your emotions are energy in motion. Relax your muscles and practice letting your feelings flow with your breath.
  5. Let compassion be your fashion;)

♥much love, light and peace

make space

sunshie heart

An invitation: Take at least 5 minutes of your day to sit in stillness, focus on your breath and relax your muscles. Breathe in, filling your belly full with air. Breathe out, totally relaxing your body. Breathe in, filling your body with new life force. Breathe out, letting go completely. This will help create peace within you and assist in raising the vibration of the planet.
There are different frequencies all around us. Some are lower fear-based energies, like hate and worry and some are higher, such as peace and love. Giving yourself space to sit quietly and go inward, strengthens the connection of higher vibrations for you and the earth.

♥much love and light

and breathe


I have been trying to stay out of the clearly divided politics going on in America. I can no longer stay silent. I feel nauseous and deeply saddened by all that is happening. I am a peace warrior and I am trying to figure out how to find compassion and acceptance for a man who is running to be a representative of the place where I live;  Continue reading