lasting impression

live with an open heart

A heartbeat will come and go
But an open heart will make a
Lasting impression.

We will all one day transition from the body that we currently inhabit.  There is no escaping that reality.  We do have a choice about what we want to leave behind. Do you ever think about that?  Do you think about what contributions you want to be known for in this life?  Will you live from your heart center with kindness or live in hatred?
You have a choice about the legacy that you leave behind.  What kind of planet do you want to leave for the generations to come?  Is it one filled with anger, hate, and a polluted environment?  Do you want to be known for instilling hate and fear on the planet or spreading love and kindness?   Do you want to know that you did all you could in your lifetime to help create love and joy?  Did you create an environment that will sustain ALL living beings on the planet, including people, animals, and plants? You DO have a choice!   Some people think that this is an unattainable dream: To live in harmony and peace with nature, people of different ethnicities, sexual preference, species of animals, and plants on the earth.  I believe that if we all start to live with an open heart consciousness, peace is an attainable way of living.  I make choices in my life with this dream in mind.  This is not always an easy path, but one that I choose.  There are times that I feel the weight of all that is happening around the world.  I feel the heaviness of my heart with tears in my eyes.  During those times, I take time to connect deep within, where that glimmering, shining spark of light resides.  I embrace that light and hold the space for all beings.
You seriously have a choice each day to live in fear and hate or love and peace.  Whichever you choose, be conscious of your decisions and know that that is the legacy you are leaving.  You leave this legacy for your children, your friends, family,  animal life, plants,  every living creature on the planet.  What impression do you want to leave?   Don’t wait to start living the legacy you want right now!

Sending love to all of you and all species on the planet.  May we all find peace within to begin seeing peace mirrored back on the planet.

2 thoughts on “lasting impression


    A Loving Spirit-Presence permeates
    The universe, immersing All in Grace.
    ‘Tis Grace that makes our souls to sing, creates
    The joy that beauty brings, helps us embrace
    Its ways of peace, bestows the gifts we give
    To others in our lives. Some call it “God”
    And some deny, yet help its fruit to live.
    Whoever feels the Spirit deems it odd
    No scientific instrument can find
    Its trace. But we can measure it upon
    Our hearts, can feel its warmth and love, so kind.
    Our life is Spirit’s, loaned ‘til we pass on.
    We shun the Spirit when we hate or fear.
    To love our neighbor holds the Spirit near.

    © John W. Hoberg
    June 8, 2014

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    1. Beautifully said John. Thank you for sharing your words! They brought a smile to my face and warmth to my heart. I am happy and honored to be on this journey with you in spreading peace on earth! 💜✨🙏🏾


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