riddle me a song

drum beatThis life,
it’s a riddle
and a song,
one I can’t put my finger on.
Sometimes life moves with ease,
like a bird in flight in the summer breeze.
Sometimes life is more like my dad used to say:
“Erin, no one hears the drum your beating to!”
Either way,
I choose to dance along.
It’s not always a happy dance
Sometimes it’s sad
Sometimes it’s mad
Sometimes I just need to feel bad
But those feelings, I know
Will come and go
For when I let them flow
I continue to grow.

I used to get so angry at my dad when he would say, “Erin, no one hears the drum you’re beating to!”  I can see the younger version of myself now.  Arms crossed over my chest,  squeezing every muscle in my face, and my blood boiling!  But now I laugh!  I am happy to embrace my uniqueness. What’s important is that I HEAR the drum that I am beating to.  How do I do that?  By taking time daily to connect with the beat of my heart and soul.  So, on those days when life doesn’t seem to be flowing with ease and that I don’t “fit in,” when I feel lonely, sad or confused, in need of connection, intimacy, and clarity,  I remind myself that those feelings will come and go.  I remind myself I can nurture those needs by meditating. By meditating I find a connection with myself, become intimate with who I am and find clarity by seeing the greater picture in life.  EACH AND EVERYONE OF US on this planet is unique and have special gifts to share with the world! To hear YOUR unique drum beat, take time each day to meditate and connect with yourself.  The more you get in touch with the song of your heart and soul, the easier it is to allow life to flow.  You are able to recognize that emotions are energy in motion and let them come and go.  By not holding onto to your emotions you may begin to find some ease in the riddle and song of this life.

♥love and light

2 thoughts on “riddle me a song

  1. It is too bad, in life’s journey, it takes some of us so long to discover that we need not fit in…..that’s when we discover the ‘true me’….dance dance dance

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