slow and steady

slow and steadySometimes I find it hard to stay in a “positive” frame of mind and stay motivated when life appears to be moving in a different direction that I wish.  Then, just as I think that I sit quietly and see that life is moving in the exact direction that I wish, just not as fast as I would like! I laugh while writing that because anyone who knows me can attest to my life motto, “Slow and steady “wins” the race.”  I am not sure what race I’m in, nor do I believe there is a “winner” or “loser,” but I’m in it!  I haven’t written a blog in over a month.  I have been expressing my creativity through other art forms.  I try not to get down on myself about that because I have been listening to what my body and heart have been saying.  It was something I couldn’t deny when visions came to me during my meditation.  I became inspired to make some art!  It’s funny how we make plans for our life or even just for a day and how they can change so quickly. I had full intention of writing a blog at least twice a month but a greater force has other plans for me.  I tried to find the energy to write but my creative juices were flowing in other ways.  I am now finding a balance between all my creative endeavors.  No matter what the medium is, I believe it is important to be creative.  When I am creative, I feel connected to my soul and life.  Do you take time to be creative?  It doesn’t have to be with paint on a canvas.  It can be doodling with a pen and paper, making up new dance moves, cooking a dish without a recipe or playing an instrument!
How do you stay motivated while working toward your goals or dreams?  In what ways do you connect with your soul? This journey of life is an ever-evolving adventure!   I am dancing through my journey slow and steady with more love and self-acceptance every day.  Mostly with a smile.

♥much love and light

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