inner happi”mess”

inner happimess

Embrace your inner happi”mess” to find your inner happiness!  

A couple of weeks ago, I felt like a mess inside. Doubt, worry and second-guessing myself were floating around in my body. Though the fear-based feelings were more prevalent, I was also feeling excitement and joy.  I thought at one point that I may throw up on this carnival ride that was happening inside.  I took a deep breath and checked in with myself to feel where I was holding tension in my body and relaxed my muscles.  A thought then popped into my mind, “Feel ALL the emotions you are experiencing in this very moment.  Feel the “mess.”  Feel your inner happi”mess.””

We all have a little “mess” going on inside.  You know, those fear-based emotions like worry, doubt, anger that we let fester and don’t let flow or process?!  The result is that they get stuck inside your body trying to find a way to be expressed.  At times it can feel like a bunched up tangled mess of holiday string lights inside your body!   Once you begin to acknowledge and love your inner “mess” it will not have such a hold on you. Instead of ignoring, hiding, trying to get away from your inner “mess,” embrace ALL OF YOU!  What you may label as the “good,” the “bad,” and the “ugly!” LET IT ALL SHINE!  Everyone feels worried or doubt at different times and that is okay. It is all part of being human.  The more you feel your emotions as they arise in your body, the closer you are to tidying up your happi”mess” and can truly feel inner happiness!

♥love and light

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