love citation

peace posse

Attention, Attention (said in a French accent.)

To Whom It May Concern,

Perform an act of kindness
And receive a love citation.
-The Peace Posse

Perform an act of kindness for another person,  animal or the planet today.
Help someone tie their shoe, put laundry away, carry groceries to their car, clean up leaves from the yard, cook a meal and share the food or just smile and say “hi” to someone you don’t know.
See trash while on your walk?  Extend your kindness to the planet. Our planet is a living entity and needs TLC!
Adopt a dog or cat from the shelter.  Can’t have a pet?  Go to the shelter and play with the animals.  They need love and affection too!  There are countless ways to be kind.

Share your act of kindness below and receive a virtual love citation from one of the Peace Posse! They look forward to connecting with you.

♥love and light

6 thoughts on “love citation

    1. Frank the Frog here to thank you for helping in the rain
      Which sounds a little insane
      To help a man in the rain,
      That was very humane!
      Sending you love, light and hugs
      -Frank the Frog (a member of The Peace Posse)


  1. I had lunch at Applebee’s. They have parking near the entrance designated for veterans. There was one car parked there. I gave my waitress cash to apply to their check. When I left, there was a young couple, she was pregnant, begging for food. I went to Bob Evans, bought a gift card…got a free loaf of pumpkin bread and gave them the gift card & the pumpkin bread.

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    1. Wow Holly, Thank you for sharing
      I’m Ralph the dog
      Sending you a love citation for caring
      All of our hearts are filled with joy
      hearing about your story!
      Sending you love, light and hugs!
      -Ralph the dog and the entire Peace Posse Gang


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