be the calm


It has been CRAZY how often the feelings of frustration have been coming up in my body lately! I won’t go into the sordid details of all the experiences that have helped my friend frustration arise.  I won’t share with you how my iPod broke, then my new iPod broke, then I dropped and broke my new new iPod, then my computer was acting up and I, with the aggression of a cartoon pirate, slammed my fist onto the pad of my computer with a healthy “ARGH!” The result being, I was unable to retrieve any information from the hard drive.  This on top of having a pain in my back that has hindered my daily life and work.  All this left me having to rest on my back as much as possible during the final days of summer.  I won’t go into the details, because really “the story” is just the catalyst for what feelings get brought up in your body.  These exact same experiences could happen to someone else, and that person could have completely different emotions arise in their body. But for me, frustration was wanting to be heard and it succeeded!  At first, I was resistant, wanting to push it away.  When ignoring the issues of my body did nothing but exacerbate the situation, I pulled out my “tools.”  I broke out my NVC (non-violent communication) notes to see what need was wanting to be nurtured in my life!  Sometimes it is nice to have a resource available which can help move you though an experience or recognize a cycle you are in.  By that I mean, having similar experiences over and over or having the same emotions come up during different life experiences.  For me, no matter what the situation was, frustration kept knocking at the door.  NVC helps me to understand what needs in my life are wanting to be recognized.  The NVC “formula” OFNR, helped me to LET GO of “the story” and listen to the language of my body.  First, I made the Observation that 3 iPods broke in one month, I broke my computer and my back is feeling discomfort.  The Feelings that arose in me were frustration and annoyance.  The Need for EASE in my life was coming up to be nurtured, a need everyone on the planet has.  The Request I made was to myself:  The next time the feelings of frustration and annoyance arise, take a moment to close my eyes, take a deep belly breath, relax and feel any sensations in my body that come up.  Allow.  Allow the emotion of frustration to move through.  Feel where it comes up in my body without trying to change anything.  Remember that emotions are energy in motion.  I felt ease and more centered in my body just taking time to do this exercise.  I discover that I needed some ease in my world and consciously made a request to myself. I remembered that I can create ease by bringing awareness to my breath when I felt frustrated or annoyed.

A few days later, I was talking with Apple care when my friend frustration began bubbling up in my body.  Can you imagine, feeling frustrated when talking with customer care, trying to figure out technology?!  HA!  I remembered the request I asked of myself and took action.  I felt my feet on the ground, took a few deep breathes and relaxed my body.  I surrendered to what is.  Trusting that everything will be sorted out one way or another.  I became the calm in the center of the storm,  feeling my emotions, staying centered and grounded in the present situation.  This does not mean ignoring or pretending that I am feeling a certain way or that something that doesn’t feel “good” in my body.  Being the calm in the center of the storm is about staying present in your body with an open heart.  It’s about staying relaxed and moving from that space of being fully engaged and grounded in the moment.

The unexpected happens daily.  You may lose your job or a loved one, someone you know may get ill, dinner may get burned, you may get stuck in traffic, the list goes on and on.  It is called life.  How you move through it is your choice.  Can you take away the story?  The story you are telling yourself as to why you are feeling a certain way, and feel the emotions that arise?  Connect those emotions to what needs are wanting to be nurtured in your life.  Can you relax into what is and be the calm in the center of the storm?  Sometimes you break out the umbrella, sometimes you dance, sometimes you stay indoors and sometimes you just get wet.  It’s all part of life.  The more you take time to listen and connect with your body, the easier you will move through life.  You can start to see and hear what your body is trying to say to you and make choices based from that space.

♥with love and light

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