Year, 1980 something

My dear friend Sarah, whom I have known since the second grade, saved this note I wrote to her in the ’80s. She sent me these pages that are published below.  It appears that I have been helping people to love themselves and live from their heart my entire life!

I love that I have to go “to write another note!”  I must have been in study hall or history class! Hehe!

There are times in my life when I needed validation as to who I am.  THIS IS IT!  Reading these notes brings such joy and peace to my heart and puts a smile on my face.

Past experiences are a part of what brought you to where you are today.   I believe the past is something to recognize and acknowledge.  I also believe it is absolutely necessary to let go of the past to live in the moment and grow.  May you open your heart to the present moment with love and compassion for all of you!

And to quote my younger self, “NEVER forget you are a beautiful person!”

Love and light

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