hold on to that star

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I know it has been a few weeks since my last blog.  There have been some circumstances in my world that set me a little off-kilter.  I am now finding some balance.

Life throws us a curve-ball every once in a while.  The definition of a curve-ball is “something that is unexpected, surprising or disruptive.” So, really, life throws us curve-balls daily.  We don’t EVER know what will happen in the next minute.  I chuckle at myself for making a baseball reference.  I am not a sports fan by any sense of the word,  but I certainly know what it means to have a curve-ball pitched in this game of life.  How one moves through life when a curve-ball comes our way is something to recognize.  How do you stand in the face of a tragic event, when your faith is truly tested?  Can you stand in your truth with an open heart?  Can you feel those moments of extreme discomfort and let them flow through you and come back to the place of love?

A few weeks ago my beautiful cousin and friend, Kate, was randomly shot and killed while walking with her father in San Francisco.  This truly shook me, and many others, to the core.  Kate was an amazing person on this planet.  Her smile lit up a room and her innate ability to connect with others was admirable, The “Kate Effect” was born.  The Kate Effect is the ability to connect heart to heart with another person.  Though her physical body is no longer here, the Kate Effect is still occurring but on a much grander scale.  She is now smiling down, shining her love and light on the ENTIRE planet.  Helping to raise the vibration of the planet from fear to LOVE.  She is helping to remind people what is important: living life to the fullest expression of who you are with an open heart.  She was an example of living and loving life to its fullest with no regrets.  This is my dear cousin’s legacy.  She is now reaching far more people than imaginable.

Kate’s love and light are what my family and I are focusing on; not vengefulness. Many things have been said about the man who shot Kate.  I believe that for someone to do something so violent and act with such aggression, they are detached from their heart center.  I believe that if we continue to live “an eye for an eye,” the cycle of revenge will never end.  Seeking revenge does not generate peace nor is it living from one’s heart.  Wanting an eye for an eye does not come from a place of love.  It creates a disconnect between oneself and others.  When I think of getting revenge or inflicting intentional pain on another being, I feel my body contract and I feel nauseous.  Wanting someone else to suffer, does not change what has happened or take away the sadness that I feel.  We all pass on from this human body, but how it happens, we have no control over.  I have not once, not even for a second thought, “I want the person who did this to die or be in pain of some sort.”  I have only felt the sadness of my cousin Kate transitioning from this planet at the age of 32, and the deep sadness that my Aunt, Uncle,  and cousin Brad are feeling.  I think of the fun times we had together, the laughs, and the joy we experienced.  I also think about her ability to embrace life fearlessly and speak her mind.  I loved and admired that about her.

When a curve-ball comes flying in your direction, how do you receive it?  Can you have compassion, forgiveness, and love for ALL the people that are a part of the experiences in your life, whether pleasant or unpleasant?  Can you feel the unbearable weight of sadness, that somewhere deep down inside, you know won’t last forever?  Can you move into a space of feeling ALL OF YOUR EMOTIONS that arise and then let go with love? Love for you, love for them, love for us, love for all living beings on the planet? Can you hold on to that star?  That star that is love.

One thing is for sure, life in this form is short and we will ALL transition from our body at some point.  In memory of my beautiful cousin Kate, I implore you to uncover your truth and shine your love and light for all to see.  Don’t live in fear, open your heart and let love rule your world!

This is in loving memory of my cousin and friend Kate and her big heart.  And dedicated to my Aunt, Uncle and cousin Brad who show such beautiful strength in their faith.  Their love, strength, and compassion is a model for all to live by.  I love you.

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