smile 5

The best gifts are free!  A hug, your presence, a friendly “hello” or a smile! Share your beautiful smile with everyone you encounter today. Be present and notice the magic the day brings from smiling!



elixir 5

Exercise: In the morning, drink a glass of water and with each sip repeat: “I am open to receive.” Sometimes we need a little help from others!  We often have a challenging time receiving from others and the universe.  This practice can help open your body to receive with open arms and heart all that life has to offer!  Smile and be open to RECEIVE.  xo

*No need to consult your physician before you do this.
*Side effects include, but not limited to, experiencing an open heart, feeling worthy and loving and accepting yourself.
If you experience any of these side effects, smile and breathe!

Love and light


frog it 2

Peace is such a beautiful word and feeling.  At times, it can also feel daunting, like an unattainable dream for the planet.  There is so much war and violence going on in the world.  At times, I feel overwhelmed and powerless.  How can I stop a war going on in the Middle East or Africa?  How can I stop the violence going on in cities around America?!  I almost give myself an anxiety attack just thinking about it. Continue reading