the unknown

the unknown 2Step into doing something different.  We can become so complacent in our lives. We think I’ll do it tomorrow or things in my life aren’t THAT bad.  When making a change We easily get bogged down thinking that things will be the same as they have been in the past.  We fear the mysterious future.  Feel ALL of your emotions, let go with love, and bring yourself into each and every moment.  I believe more awareness is the solution to creating change in the world.  No more hiding, ignoring or pretending!  These courses of action are no longer acceptable in our world.   These courses of action do not work in creating change or in loving and accepting yourself!  Go in and listen to your heart and to your body.  That ache in your back, tug at your heart, the uneasiness in your belly, those are messages to you.  Your body wants you to wake up and listen on a different level.  We all have the capability to do this.  It takes practice and time.  Choosing to go inward and to move the dense stagnant emotions stored in your body is necessary for change.  It takes courage, patience, and dedication.  It can be difficult and challenging, but it is worth it!

What I mean when I say, “Step into the unknown,” is to go into your heart and live from that space.  We have been living and creating a world where we live from our minds.  NOW is the time to focus on and live from your heart.  Take a moment right now.  Bring your awareness to your heart.  How does it feel?  What sensations, thoughts or feelings arise?  Listen carefully.  Your heart is opening up to a greater truth than what we have ever experienced in this lifetime.  THIS IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING!  There is a new paradigm emerging in our world.  It is heart-centered and of the Divine Feminine.  Part of what this means is that priorities are shifting and people are recognizing that there is no higher power than love.

Step into the unknown of what it would feel like to live for love.  Love for yourself, love for others and love for the planet.  We are all on this earth together.  We all have our own unique reason for being here.  What kind of world do you want to live in?  What are you dedicating your time and thought to?  Does this dedication come from a place of love or fear?

If you are feeling uneasy, needing to change from what you THOUGHT you wanted, do it!  Make the change.  All of those situations that arise in your life, that bring up feelings of frustration, anger or sadness are no accident.  Every situation in your life is an opportunity to learn.  Whether it brings up fear based emotions or higher vibrational emotions of love, joy or happiness, a message is trying to get through.  There is magic all around you, guiding you to rediscover your truth to share with the world.  The more you live in the moment, the more you will recognize what those messages are telling you.  Creating time to focus on your breath and cultivate stillness from within will help you to understand and see in a new way.  Now is the time!


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