raining enchante

Something fun to do!
When you meet someone new, shake their hand and say “Enchanté.”
Allow it to flow from your tongue melodically with a smile.
It is French for “enchanted.” I guarantee you that the person on the receiving end of this greeting will smile.
Can you imagine if everyone greeted each other this way?! Saying “Enchanté” or “Enchanted to meet you.” It is such a happy magical pleasantry!

The first time I ever experienced this greeting was while visiting my Uncle Jeff and his love Jean Francios in France a few years ago. They had a gathering with friends.  I was introduced to a woman who took my hand, looked me in the eyes and said “Enchanté.”  I giggled, smiled and felt my heart open.  I felt like a faerie princess in a magical land with butterflies and hearts dancing around!  It was awesome!

Give it a go and have fun!!  Would love to hear stories! xo


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