elixir happiness

Exercise: In the morning, drink a glass of water and with each sip imagine you are drinking in the word happiness.  Drink happiness in with a smile and feel it spread throughout your body. xo

*No need to consult your physician before you do this.
*Side effects include, but not limited to, feeling good, helping others to feel good, enjoying and embracing life.
If you experience any of these side effects, smile and breathe!

Love and light

reminder list

Own the moment
Accept and love all of me
All of you
Live from my heart center
Spread the love
Breathe through and feel my emotions so they don't get stuck in my body
Be in the moment 
 "This is what I'm doin'"
Breathe in the moment 
Be the best of myself at any given moment
I have a choice on how to live my life
Choose love
Choose happiness
Be at peace and acceptance with all that is occurring in life
Be fully available to what is happening 
Relax and trust 
Harmony and balance will always be restored.  It's the law of nature.

-Make a reminder list for yourself.  One that helps you to live in the moment
with love and acceptance for yourself! xo
*No need to consult your doctor before you do this. 

                                                                 Love and Light