Last week on my blog about forgiveness someone commented, “You have nothing to forgive yourself for.” I have been thinking about this comment a lot.  Somewhere in my DNA, I know this.  The words resonate with me I think it is less about forgiving myself and more about ACCEPTANCE of myself.  Acceptance of what was and is.  Not in a, “roll over and play dead,” kind of way, but in a way of being empowered! Having unconditional love for myself in ALL the choices I have made and experiences I have had in my life.  LET GO and live in the present.  It is a process for me towards understanding that we all are perfect just the way we are. Deep down I know this to be true and each day I can feel it more and more in my body.  I am love. You are love.  Breathe, love, accept and trust.  This is a process. A never-ending peeling of the layers. A deeper understanding of the divine. I am the divine. You are the divine.  The journey to self-love and acceptance is not always easy or fun, but “This is what I’m doin’!” I DO know that one day very soon I will be able to say “I love and accept ALL of me!  I am here with open arms, open heart, love and acceptance for myself and my life!”

Much gratitude to you all for your stories, love, and support!  I love me and I love you!

love and light

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