I LOVE LIFE! On my beach walk today, I saw the beach labyrinth faerie! I was so EXCITED! I have been waiting for months to see who was making the beautiful mazes I have been walking since this summer.

This wasn’t the first time I have walked a labyrinth,  but it was the first time I have had a revelation, a connection with self, a noticeable energy shift within while walking the path.

I was feeling sad and hopeless one day this summer but, I got myself motivated to go on my beach walk anyway. I was so glad I did! When I got to the beach, a pattern in the sand caught my attention. I walked over to see what it was and saw that someone had drawn a labyrinth. I thought it was so funny and great that someone would do that. I almost walked past, thinking that people might think I was “weird” walking back and forth in a small space if they couldn’t see what I was doing. Then I decided that I didn’t care what people thought. In the sand, I read, “enter,” so I did! Have you ever walked a labyrinth?  Oh my gosh!  So much fun! As I started walking, my mind began to clear of clutter and then I had an epiphany! I understood labyrinths and the magic that lies within them. I laughed and smiled at the reflection a labyrinth is to life.

When you walk a labyrinth, the idea is that you follow a path to the center and then continue the path back out. As I was walking, I got excited that I was getting close to the center. Then I would turn a corner and be walking back out away from the center. Another turn and there I was getting closer to the center. I laughed at the parallel to life. Setting out on the journey to self-discovery, delving deep into your heart’s center, it is not an easy path. It takes courage and patience. One day you are in it, living in the moment with love, compassion, and joy. The next day, you are having road rage and cursing out some person you don’t even know. You may be falling back into an old pattern that creates a “detour” from connecting to your heart. Then the next day you connect with your heart and have a feeling of peace and harmony within. THAT is the labyrinth. Look at it. You go in, out, back and forth. You get a little closer to the center, then a little bit further away, closer, further away, then BAM! You’re there! At the center of this labyrinth in the sand was a heart! Just like in our body where the soul resides. I stood there and marveled at the significance. I gave gratitude, made an offering of a beach rock, and began my journey back out. It was the same as going in. You think you are heading out, then turn a corner and you are heading back in. In and out. Back and forth.  It is as if you aren’t ready yet to share the beautiful YOU with the world. The journey to express yourself takes time too. Then BAM!  You are out and ready to share with the world the treasures you discovered on your journey. Your truth. The beautiful gifts that are solely specific to you. Walking the labyrinth that day, completely changed my mood. I was feeling so much lighter in my body and more energetic. In the months to follow, I saw the labyrinth two other times.

Today is the 4th time I have seen the magical maze on the beach. I was so elated. As I was walking, I saw a configuration in the sand and someone walking away from it. It was a very windy day on the beach so people were covered up and keeping to themselves. This kindred little beach faerie had on a white hooded winter coat and was carrying her magic wand, which was a croquet stick! Not the mallet, but the stick with the striped colors that you hit with your ball at the end of the game. I almost ran up to her to thank her, but she was too far away. Today wasn’t the day to meet face to face. I know I will meet her one day and I will tell her in person how grateful I am to her for creating the maze in the sand and how it helped me on my life’s journey.

As you begin to live more and more in the moment and recognize that is all there ever is, you begin to see the magic all around you every day!  It is BEAUTIFUL!  The little “hiccups” of life, the experiences that bring up feelings of anger, sadness, or other fear-based emotions, are really little drizzles of magic to help guide you on your path of self-discovery. It is a matter of perspective and being present.

You do not need to walk an actual labyrinth to make the choice to enter into the labyrinth of life. You only need to make the choice to go into your heart to rediscover who you really are. Be dedicated to the journey with sincerity, love, and acceptance.


Love and light

4 thoughts on “labyrinth

  1. Like you, Erin, it has taken years for me to enter that center you talk about…that center where I am present with all the junk I’ve stuffed in there…all the choices I made in the past…the good ones and ALL the BAD ones…all that negativity I have held on to…I go thru stages…or like you said…the in’s and out’s of the Labyrinth…the up’s and down’s of the Roller Coaster of Life! I have held onto ALL that negativity and it has made me physically sick! It’s scary sometimes to look at that center…the little girl I used to be…that innocent little girl, who loved and trusted people…I have been trying to look at that center and sometimes I don’t want to look…so I try to forget…or I try to escape and in the past, I’ve used drugs and alcohol to forget…to forget all the CRAP…the negative stuff…that I’ve done or have been done to me…and then I read something that you’ve posted or wrote about and it helps me heal….I love reading your Blogs! I can relate to a lot of stuff you write about…keep up the great work that you are doing! You are making a difference! You have made a difference in my life…and I am so Grateful for that! Thank You! : )


  2. Thank you so much for your comment and sharing. The journey to loving and accepting all of you is not always fun or easy but it is SO WORTH IT! It takes much courage and patience. You are not alone. Embrace the the “roller coaster” ride, yourself and keep breathing. Sending you love and light, xo Erin


  3. I LOVE LOVE LoVE this story. Will always think of labyrinths in this new symbolic way. Fun! You have always loved games Air. This is great to watch and share. Yaaaay.


  4. I LOVE LOVE LoVE this story. Will always think of labyrinths in this new symbolic way. Fun! You have always loved games Air. This is great to watch and share. Yaaaay.


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